Eco-friendly & Ethical

sustainable eco-friendly hemp fabric

 Hemp is grown without the need of harmful pesticides, grows extremely fast, is drought tolerant and enriches the soil it grows in, instead of exhausting it.  

Super Comfortable


 Hemp apparel is soft, providing a 100% natural and silky layer against your skin, plus it’s static-free. Hemp clothing also benefits from washing, becoming softer with each wash. 

UV Resistant


 Hemp has a natural built–in UV protection. This UV protection also means that colors won’t fade. Paired with hemp’s resistance to salt-water damage, a hemp t-shirt is a natural must for your beach attire. 



 Hemp t-shirts are stronger, long-lasting, hold its shape, stretch less, are resistant to salt water damage, and will outlast its competition by many years.  

Anti Microbial & Anti Bacterial


 Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial making it highly resistant to mold, mildew, and rotting.  Hemp fabric is also naturally anti-microbial, so hemp textiles provide natural odor protection. 

Natural Insulator

hemp fabric is a natural insulator

 Hemp fibers are hollow enabling your clothes to "breathe" which keeps you cool in the heat. In cold weather air gets trapped in the fibers which is then warmed by the body, making hemp clothing naturally warm as well.